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Mulching Services from Verona, Pennsylvania

BJ Tree Service & Mack Mulch, LLC of Verona, Pennsylvania, offers emergency tree services and stump removal as well as on site mulching services to help protect and beautify your yard.
Mulching Services

Mulching Services

Having your yard and property sculpted with mulch can assist in keeping your water bill low, helps stave off weeds and overgrowth, as well as provides necessary winter protection and ground cover for rooted plants.

With numerous styles of mulch available, from natural mulch to dyed mulch, you can outfit your yard with the mulch that perfectly matches and suits your needs. Our professional landscaping crew and technicians are here to assist you with everything from choosing the right kind to calculating the amount of mulch needed to complete the project.

Environmentally Conscious

All our mulch is produced on-site from recycled trees, and the dye we use in our dyed mulch is non-toxic, environmentally safe, and biodegradable.

  • Natural Mulch (Fine and Coarse)
  • Dyed Mulch (Chocolate, Cocoa, Black, Red)
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In addition our company helps keep yards and property clear from downed trees and debris by recycling wood and trimmings. Let us know how we can help clean up your yard and recycle all the downed wood on your property.

Dumpster & Recycling Services

We are a green wood recycling company. As big believers in recycling and protecting the environment, our company provides affordable building material and wood recycling services. From tree limbs and large stumps to green wood and building materials, our company can properly dispose of those materials.

With our affordable dumping and recycling services you can have all of your building materials ... Read more
Tree stumps, free from gravel and dirt, may be recycled for an additional fee, and at this time we do not accept leaves or grass clippings.
Contact us in Verona, Pennsylvania, for information about or to request our mulching services for your property and yard.