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BJ Tree Service, LLC & Mack Mulch, LLC
BJ Tree Service, LLC
Mack Mulch, LLC
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Tree Services and Mulch Production from Verona, Pennsylvania

Owners — Tree Services in Verona, PA
BJ Tree Service, LLC & Mack Mulch, LLC of Verona, Pennsylvania, provides expert tree and stump removal services and offers wood and tree recycling as well as on-site mulching services.

Proudly Independent

Family owned and operated since 1981, BJ Tree Service, LLC & Mack Mulch, LLC is one of the most experienced and professional tree removal services you will ever find.

With a reputation for outstanding customer service you can rest assure that any project you request our services for will be completed in a timely manner and with the utmost professionalism.

Truck — Tree Services in Verona, PA

One Big Family

Having begun as a small business, our company has grown to embody a dedicated staff and is able to provide every type of tree and mulching service imaginable. Whether you need information about best tree trimming practices and when to apply mulch to having our crew come out and remove a fallen tree in the middle of the night, you can trust our crew is the best in the business. Let us know how our services and 35+ years of experience can be of assistance to you.

Service & Support

  • Tree and Stump Removal
  • Stump Grinding
  • 24-Hour Emergency Services
  • Tree Trimming
  • Bucket Truck Services
  • Insurance Claim Services
  • Clean Wood Recycling and Composting
  • Wholesale and Retail Mulch Services
  • Crane Service Available